Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to "I Love Spiders"

If you dare venture into the world of the spider, you will certainly find yourself in a realm where reality rivals science fiction.  Imagine, as you peer into this fantastic world, a spider that is capable of producing silk stronger than steel. Now, imagine scientists placing the silk-producing genes of this spider into a goat, so that goat would ultimately go on to produce spider silk - in it’s milk.  This spider-goat milk can now be used to produce light-weight bullet proof vests.  While this may sound like “utter” fiction, it is true.

Take a look at the following two videos from YouTube:

Throughout the “I love Spiders” blog site, we’ll explore the lives and lore of the planet’s most feared – and misunderstood – creatures on the planet:  the spiders and their creepy, crawly kin.  We’ll cover subjects as diverse as courtship and “child” care, to the amazing properties of spider silk.  With each post we’ll address an array of intriguing and odd questions:  Why were spiders fed mind-altering substances in the 1970’s?  Why do some spiders deliberately adorn their webs with  the bodies of their victims?  Prepare yourself to be captivated in a web of intrigue....  


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